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MNT Grading

MNT Grading

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In order to get you the best service grading your cards, with an excellent turn around time, we have teamed up with MNT Grading Inc.

Hightlights of MNT Grading Inc.

  • They are the industry’s new premier grading card company
  • Their slabs are made in Canada and of the highest quality plastics
  • Their slabs are sonically welded to create a tamper proof encasing to secure your cards
  • They grade their cards on a .5 level system up to an overall grade of 10
  • They are the industry’s first grader to have 5 potential sub-categories
    which include edging, surface, corners, centering and new *inner
    windows*; autographs are graded separately from the overall grade
  • MNT ensures that all cards are graded on equal footing with honesty,
    integrity and consistency amongst all our experts
  • MNT Grading Inc. is currently grading regular sized cards (2.5x3.5
    inches) ranging from 35pt to 180pt; any oversized cards such as
    booklets or cards exceeding the thickness of 180pt are currently not
    available at this time
  • MNT ensures that our grading service packages (30, 6 or 2 business
    day services) will be completed on or before the service package
  • All their prices are in Canadian dollars