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MAgic the Gathering Commander 2017 Vampiric Bloodlust- The Upper Hand

Magic the Gathering Commander 2017 Vampiric Bloodlust

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Vampiric Bloodlust is the black, red and white Vampire Commander deck from 2017!

In 2017, Wizards of the Coast comes for the first time with a set of four brand new tribal Commander Decks! A creature type is central to every Commander Deck. Commander (formerly EDH) is a Magic: the Gathering game type where every player plays with a deck of 99 cards, led by a Legendary Creature: the Commander. Apart from the 6 basic lands, a Commander deck may not contain double cards and in the card selection for the deck you are also limited to the colors of your Commander.

To support this popular format, Wizards has now designed a new Commander deck for four creature types. Each deck contains 100 black-bordered cards, including 15 brand-new, never-before-released cards. Each deck contains three brand new foil Commanders and one foil oversized Commander. All new cards are tournament legal in Vintage and Legacy