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Hero System Fifth Edition The Ultimate Mystic

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The Wonders of Magic

Magic, spells, and mystical beings are one of the most popular elements in most roleplaying games - in fact, they're so popular that gamers often introduce them into genres where they don't normally exist! The Ultimate Mystic is a comprehensive guide to using mysticism in your HERO System campaigns, whether they're magic-filled Fantasy games or games that don't usually feature spells and spellcasters.

The Ultimate Mystic includes:

  • a detailed discussion of the types and backgrounds of mysic characters, and how to create such characters in HERO System terms, with new and optional rules for character design
  • a review of major styles and types of magic found in the real world and in fiction, such as Hermetic Theurgy, Voodoo, Rune Magic, Necromancy, Alchemy, Taoist Theurgy, Shamanism, Sadhana, and many more
  • discussions of how to include magic on any genre of play, particularly genres that don't usually involve magic
  • descriptions of denizens of The Mystic World, such as angels, demons, faeries, gods, ghosts, and shapechangers, with dozens of examples from world folklore and mythology

If you're looking to put a little magic into your characters and campaigns, The Ultimate Mystic is just the book for you!

Fantasy Hero is usable as a stand-alone product, but does not include the HERO System rules, only discussions of how to apply those rules. For the rules themselves, you'll need the Hero System Fifth Edition core rulebook.