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Hero System Fifth Edition Spacers Toolkit A Sourcebook For Star Hero - The Comic Warehouse

Hero System Fifth Edition Spacers Toolkit A Sourcebook For Star Hero

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Most science fiction stories require a lot of high technology - everything from blaster pistols, to sensory enhancement equipment, to glittering starships - and Star Hero campaigns are no different.

To supplement the tech in Star Hero and Terran Empire,The Spacer's Toolkit includes the following devices:

  • personal technology, ranging from weapons, to battle armor, to survival, communications and psionic gear
  • robots, computers and, nanotechnology
  • personal augmentation systems (cybersystems and bioware)
  • nearly two dozen civilian and military ground vehicles, from family cars to hovertanks
  • three dozen starships for the Terran Empire and various alien civilizations, including both military ships, traders, and exploration vessels

Whatever type of Star Hero campaign you're running, The Spacer's Toolkit is full of gadgets and gear to make it better!

Star Hero is usable as a stand-alone product, but does not include the HERO System rules, only discussions of how to apply those rules. For the rules themselves, you'll need the HERO System 5th Edition core rulebook.