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Hellblazer Rise & Fall

Hellblazer Rise & Fall

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What would you part with to avoid eternal damnation?

At 12 years old, John Constantine and his friends try and fail to summon...something. Truth be told, they have no idea what they're doing on the riverbed on the outskirts of town. They're just messing with what they've been told not to mess with, and that's enough for John.

Witness the adolescence of John Constantine, a rebellious and clueless kid who unwittingly unleashes a demon. A demon who haunts a nation 30 years later by selling the irredeemable one percent on a scam to get into heaven, one that causes evil men with angel wings to fall from the sky.

Will John stop this demon from obtaining more empires and ruining the world as we know it?

Will he be happy to let a few more rich bastards fall first, like a vindictive Robin Hood?

Or will sacrifices need to be made?