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Gaming Frontiers Volume 1 D20 System - The Comic Warehouse

Gaming Frontiers Volume 1 D20 System

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United Playtest, Inc. is the publisher of Gaming Frontiers, a full-color quarterly d20 sourcebook periodical. Our first volume features an exclusive preview of Codex Germania from Troll Lord Games, a Q&A with Rob Kuntz, original Iron Kingdoms personalities from Privateer Press, original Freeport fiction from Green Ronin, a preview of Broncosaurus Rex from Goodman Games, three original adventures, reviews and much, much more all wrapped
in a cover by Patrick Keith. Contributing d20 companies include Troll Lord Games, Atlas Games, Privateer Press, Goodman Games, Mystic Eye Games, Thunderhead Games, Green Ronin, Skeleton Key Games, Black Arrow Games, Guildhouse Games, Bastion Press, Mongoose Publishing, Bard's Productions, Hammerdog Games, 0one Roleplaying Games, Vox Poplar and Paradigm Concepts. Our goal is to support the d20 industry while giving the readers a good source of information for their money. We hope you will join us in our venture into the Gaming Frontiers!