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Foretold is a turn-based strategy game for 2-4 players. Play features Cards (Faithful, Fate Cards and Relics) and Tiles (Temple) acquired through a central Marketplace board. Games feature a period of economic build-up, preparation for combat, then Raiding and end-game. Players will align with one of four unique Fate Decks, boosting replay value and interaction. Craftiness, table politics and strategic play determine the winner.

Players take on the role of an aspiring deity. They must build up a Temple, gather Faithful followers and collect powerful Relics in an attempt to wipe their opponents off the map – only one deity can reign eternal in this free-for-all of legendary proportions!

Play Time:
2 players (1-hour), 3 players (1.5 hours), 4 players (2-2.5 hours)

Basic Play:

  • Play follows a 4-step turn: Reveal (start), Marketplace (buy), Raid (combat), Reinforce (end).
  • The Tile Deck, Faithful Deck and Relic Deck feed into a central board called the Marketplace.
  • Players use Faithful (human followers) in their Temple to collect gold and defend in combat.
  • Faithful placed in the Raiding Party can attack opposing Temples during combat.
  • Relics (4 of which are aligned to each Fate) further increase strategic play and add variety.
  • Players will purchase Tiles from a randomized stack (the Tile Deck) to customize their Temple, which is then arranged strategically to increase hand-size and defenses.
  • The four fates are: Chaos, Grace, Prosperity and Wisdom, each tailored to a unique play-style.
  • Each Fate Deck has a powerful set of 20 different cards, in theme with each of the Fates.

A Raiding Party ventures into an opposing Temple, encountering Defenders and Traps along a Tile path to the Heart of the Temple, where the opposing life force dwells. Combat is resolved through dice rolls, with Defense rolling first and combining its total. Faithful played from the Raiding Party must beat defending total or they are forced to retreat. If the Temple is conquered, damage is dealt through Smiting. When an opponent’s life hits zero (20 max), they are defeated. The last remaining player has achieved immortality!