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Players take turns, placing a single piece per turn onto the 10×10 grid, seeking ultimately to arrange pieces in a particular winning pattern, called The Rose (or to have the most pieces on the board if it fills without formation of The Rose). Several other Elemental Patterns may be created to trigger various offensive or defensive game effects.

Elemental is an exciting new strategy board game that will have you and up to three of your friends at each other's throats for hours.

You and each of your opponents represent one of the four basic elements: earth, water, air, or fire. Blast your opponents' pieces with Fireballs and Volcanoes, convert them to your element with Winds of Change, annihilate them with a Tidal Wave or Erosion or solidify your position by building impenetrable Mountains. Take their pieces, control the board, dominate the elements, win the game. Are you up to it?

Elemental has no set up time and you can teach a friend the rules of play in just 10 minutes (in fact, all the moves are printed right on the board). Like all great games, the rules are simple but the complex strategies are limited only by your creativity and resourcefulness.

Game Components:
11×11 inch Full Color Game Board
4 Full Color Reference cards
Scads of double-sided full color playing pieces
rules of Play Card
Storage Bag