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Coma Ward: Cataclysmic Abominations Expansion

Coma Ward: Cataclysmic Abominations Expansion

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Things weren't right before. Now, they've taken a turn for terrible. The empitness of the halls seesm etched with dread. The bliding sterile light of this place seems to mockingly hide a greusome truth. These strangesr you awoke with are hiding a hideous secret. You can feel it in your core. You have to find the truth and get the hell out of here.

Cataclysmic Abominations takes survival horror to even darker and more demented corners. In this expansion, players will experience 12 new gruesome phenomena that plunge into psychological terror and visceral horror with all the depraved prose you've come to expect.

4 Phenomenon Packs for 2-6 Players
5 Phenomenon Packs for 3-6 Players
2 Phenomenon Packs for 4-6 Players
1 Phenomenon Pack for 5-6 Players