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AT - 43 Storm Golems Unit Box
AT - 43 Storm Golems Unit Box

AT - 43 Storm Golems Unit Box

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The storm golem is a type-2 attack system, supplied with either a sonic gun or a set of reaper blades and a nanoblaster. Although the nanoblaster is a short range weapon, the exceptional accuracy of the storm golem and the nanominition’s capacity to follow the movement of its target, make it a really efficient weapon at medium range. The sonic gun, based on the double vibration effect, disembowels and shatters its targets with great ease.

Thanks to these qualities, the storm golems have imposed themselves as one of the standards among autonomous attack systems.

Thanks to the combination of the nanoblasters and the sonic gun, the storm golems prove to be exceptionally versatile units, capable of facing any kind of threat, ranging from light armored vehicles to infantry.

• 4 storm golems (nano blaster/reaper blades)
• 1 storm golem (sonic gun)
• 1 storm golem leader (nano blaster/reaper blades)
• 3 cards

-6 miniatures
-3 reference cards