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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Pages From Mages

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Pages from the Mages is an accessory for Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the AD&D 2nd edition ruleset.

"Any rogue can craft a spell—but it takes a really reckless fool to write one down."

Thus, the wizard Elminster introduces the latest collection of wizardly lore from the FORGOTTEN REALMS® campaign setting, including:

  • New spells from mages such as Daltim, Darsson, and Myrl.
  • Fell creatures—the Tome Guardian, the Disenchanter, and the Scalamagdrion.
  • Details of more than 40 spellbooks—appearance, history, the magic they contain, and what is known of the fates of their makers.
  • And just for fun—Elminster's very own traveling spellbook!
"All this could have been avoided, of course... If the handful of heedful folk in the worlds'd listen to me but a few moments more, much trouble could be averted—and, I suppose, much high adventure. Hmmm... perhaps 'tis the doom of humans to always rush in heedless of the costs—and to open and read every old, crumbling book they find."—Elminster